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Kelly Hupp-Castro Founder


It has almost been six years since this picture was taken during my treatment for breast cancer. I had a mammogram that was negative however I felt something around the crease of my right breast.

It felt like a small pea in there and I didn't think it was cancer because I just had a mammogram done! The doctor didn't think it was cancer either so I wasn't really concerned but he ordered a biopsy anyways.

God was definitely guiding everything during this because it was cancer and it was caught very early. I required surgery then after the results of the tumor the oncology department recommended chemotherapy and radiation.

The whole process took almost a year to finish and I was doing great! Thank God.

What I learned about this is be aware of your body and how everything feels around both breasts. Don't just check the breasts but check all around your breast area, armpits included.

Learn how to do a proper breast self examination. It's is so important.

Take care of your bodies sister soldiers and God Bless You


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