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Kelly Hupp-Castro Founder

We All Have To Be Aware Of Our Surroundings

Did or does anyone make you so uncomfortable that you cringe inside? Or do you just want to get as far away from that person as possible? Or after you been around a person for a while you suddenly feel that that person doesn't sit just right with you?

Well I believe that your soul is talking to your body and warning you. That's my opinion from several years of bad experiences. We don't have time to waste in this world. We need to pay attention to our intuition before it's too late.

These feelings are in our body for our protection. They are important and these "red flags" protect your spirituality, your mental health, your surroundings, your family and your life. Don't ignore your "red flags" and sometimes family members are included! I had to finally distance myself from "certain" family members because of the years of emotional damage they caused and continued to cause.

If you want to keep your life and protect your well being and inner self pay attention to the "red flags"! Can I get an Amen? Have a beautiful rest of the week!


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