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Kelly Hupp-Castro Founder


I thought this beautiful image of Hammer Lake would be great to show for this blog. This is in Jackson, Ohio.

I went to Jackson, Ohio for the first time today to pick up items for our rummage sale. The drive on highway 35 was a beautiful drive....just awesome! I met a wonderful lady there who gave us lots of items. We will use them in the rummage sale and the leftovers will be for women veterans.

Our rummage sale is going to be on Saturday, October 2nd from 8-5. The location is at 3050 Woodman Drive in Kettering. I want to thank Mr. Gallagher for giving me permission to have it on his business property Gallagher Tire & Automotive.

At the center I plan to have food and a clothing closet for the women. I'm really excited about this center and everything is moving along. I still have forms to file which of course costs money but I know this is all going to come together. This women veterans outreach center has been needed for a long time.

Most of the time the only place that offers things for women veterans is at the VA. I know plenty of women veterans that want nothing to do with the VA.

That's why I feel this outreach center for women veterans will be welcomed in the community.

We're going to keep on working to make this happen!

Be safe and God Bless You!


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