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Kelly Hupp-Castro Founder


Every year since "that" year we remember. We can never forget when our precious people were killed. Getting my son ready for the day was a typical morning. The television was on because I would put the cartoons on for his baby sister while we were getting ready. We were in San Antonio, Texas at the time.

I was also scheduled to fly to El Paso, Texas that morning for a deposition during a horrible custody battle involving my daughter Janani. All of the sudden we saw a plane crashing into one of the twin towers and at first I thought somebody changed the channel and a movie was on.

I switched channels and saw it on every channel and was shocked and saddened like everyone else in the world. My stomach had a sickening and sinking feeling. Such a tragedy, so many lives lost and the horrific news kept coming. The deposition was the last thing on my mind however the grandparents, who were suing me for my parental rights showed up anyway. That's pretty telling right there.

The first tower was hit, then the second, the Pentagon and then the attempt at the White House which was stopped by the brave men and women of United Flight 93 they all gave the ultimate sacrifice of being an American.

I remember the airlines that got hijacked had American and United in their names. I remember the horrific scenes of the burning of the Twin Towers and people jumping to their death to avoid be burned alive.

I will always remember. We will always remember. We will never forget! God Bless the United States of America!


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